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What does a white noise machine do?

What is white noise machine?

White noise machines generate what we call “white noise”.

In physics terms, white noise is defined as “noise containing many frequencies with equal intensities.”

The sound waves of white are:

  • Steady
  • Unvarying
  • Unobtrusive

There are no ups and downs. Just a constant what we would call “fuzz”.

Sounds perfect for relaxation, right?

Yes, and that’s the idea of a white noise machine.

These small, portable machines can be used for helping you get to sleep, to block out sound, and for relaxation and reducing stress.

How does a white noise machine work?

You will find that a lot of these machines have different “colored” noises, along with white noise.

They might list brown noise, pink noise and blue noise as sound options. What do all these colors mean though? How can a sound actually have a color?

By giving different sounds names of colors, it’s really just a marketing strategy. White noise is the only recognized color to associate with noise, and it’s a sound that’s been around since the days of static out of signal radios and televisions.

White Noise Machine Benefits

So what can one of these little, inexpensive devices do to improve your life? What are the practical, day to day benefits of a white noise machine?

You can set them on a timer: A good machine can essentially be quickly programmed to start and stop when you need it but without you having to keep going back to activate or deactivate it. Each white noise device will be slightly different, but the better ones make it easy to set up timers to start, stop and set how long you want it to run each time. This is ideal when you’re using the machine to fall asleep. You might not want it running all night, and you certainly don’t want to have to wake up to turn it off. So at bedtime set the timer to run white noise for an hour or two, then it will turn off on its own after you’re asleep.

Is a white noise machine better than using your phone?

White Noise Machines… for Dogs?

It might sound strange, but some people look into whether a white noise device can actually be useful and beneficial for a pet dog.