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At What Age Do Boys Stop Wetting The Bed?

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Most kids will grow out of wetting the bed around the time they reach school age of around 5 years old.

But up to 1 in every 5 kids aged five still wet the bed, while this rate drops to around 5% of kids wetting the bed by age 10. Skipping to kids once they reach the age of 15, and the average rate of bedwetting sits at around 1%.

This means that the age that boys stop wetting the bed, in the majority of cases, is going to be around the time they start school.

If however they are part of the 20% who are still bed wetting by school age, concerned parents shouldn’t be alarmed.

Even if your son is still wetting the bed at age seven or eight (and there’s a chance he isn’t the only one out of his classmates who is), you can choose to either wait and assume it will subside in time, or, if the problem is causing distress in your child, begin to take steps to address the issue in a gentle way.

This can include the use of an alarm device, or a bladder training program – or both combined. Of course, if you are concerned that your child might have an underlying medical condition that is contributing to the bedwetting issue, see your doctor and have your child undergo any tests that might be recommended to rule out medical causes.

Remember, your son is not able to control his bedwetting and is likely to be embarrassed and ashamed; particularly as he gets older.

There is no particular age that a boy will stop wetting the bed, so what is important is that your son is not made to feel guilty for doing so.

Anxious children in particular need the greatest of understanding and comfort as they try to deal with the issue.

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  1. MY Grandson stopped wetting the bed by 5 yrs old. He is not 8 and started wetting the bed again. We stopped him from drinking at 6 PM, His bedtime is 8:30 PM. Not sure why he has started wetting the bed again.

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