TheraPee Dr Sagie Bedwetting Alarm System


TheraPee Dr Sagie Bedwetting Alarm System

The TheraPee bedwetting alarm system is a top of the line enuresis alarm product.

This is more than just an alarm though; it’s meant to be an entire bedwetting therapy (aka “Therapee”) system.

And yes, it has a price tag to match.

If you’re in a rush, I encourage you to see the quick pros and cons of TheraPee. These are the main points to consider if you’re thinking about investing in this bedwetting system:

The Good

  • Takes a wider approach to eliminating bedwetting, using an alarm combined with video software training and exercises
  • Thorough and attentive customer service from the company
  • Very high success rate amongst those who use the alarm and the training program as instructed

The Potentially Not So Good

  • Some children may find the mat a little uncomfortable to lay on
  • Some children might not have patience for the online training program
  • The build quality of the alarm feels lower than expected for the price

TheraPee is designed to be used by bedwetters aged from 4 to 18 years old.

It can also be used by older adults who are suffering with a bedwetting problem.

Claiming to be the “world’s #1 bedwetting solution”, the TheraPee system has been developed by the respected well known Dr. Sagie’s Bedwetting Clinics.

As you will see throughout this review, the cost of the TheraPee bedwetting system covers more than just the alarm device.

Does the higher cost of this solution match up with its performance? How does it compare with cheaper bedwetting alarms, and what extra benefits will it have for you?

This review describes what we’ve found during our extensive research of the TheraPee bedwetting alarm system.

Key Points

  • TheraPee is a system for bedwetting, not just an alarm
  • Device includes alarm and bed pad
  • Suitable for ages 4 to 18
  • 1 year warranty on alarm. 3 month warranty on sensor pad
  • Includes interactive step by step online program that is customized and automated to help children progress through the process of stopping bedwetting

The TheraPee Bedwetting Alarm

The TheraPee program can be tailored to suit kids from as young as 4 years old (although experts recommend that 5 is about the youngest age that you start using an alarm), up to teens aged 18 who are still having bedwetting issues.

Unlike the majority of bedwetting alarms available which make use of a clip to attach the sensor to a child’s underwear, the TheraPee uses a unique, thin pad that contains the urine detection sensor.

This means that the sensor itself doesn’t need to be attached to your child, but instead is placed under him or her on the bed.

This removes the risk of the clip coming detached, which is one of the most common issues that people have with other alarms, and with the sensor pad able to cover a larger area, it means the TheraPee has a moisture detection area that is larger than any other enuresis alarm.

Another positive is that there is no wire for your child to wear underneath their bed clothes; something that is required with most other alarm devices that have a thin cord going from the sensor to the alarm.

TheraPee bedwetting alarm
The TheraPee alarm is easily customized using the buttons for volume, moisture sensitivity and other settings. (clicking the image takes you to TheraPee at

Like all bedwetting alarm systems, underwear (not pull ups) needs to be worn when a child is using the TheraPee every night.

A common error that people make is to use pull ups, and this stops the sensor from detecting moisture; and leads to bedwetting happening when the alarm doesn’t activate.

Not only that, but using pull ups makes a child less motivated to want to stop wetting the bed because the pull ups provide extra comfort and security that underwear does not.

The TheraPee Stop Bedwetting Software Program

The second part of TheraPee bedwetting system is the interactive software program.

Quick Overview:

  • The software program for stopping bedwetting is interactive and includes videos
  • Runs completely automated and online
  • Customized for your child after you enter your information
  • Provide a step by step program personally designed that your child interacts with as he/she progresses through bedwetting training

The videos in the program are delivered dynamically based on how a child responds over time, and this is regularly reviewed. The program itself adapts to the progress of your child, so a 14 year old will not see the same videos or even use the same type of language as the program will use for a 6 year old child.

This keeps children interested regardless of their age, which is so vital if you’re going to actually stop bedwetting permanently with the use of the TheraPee system (or any bedwetting alarm product).

Every 2 weeks the videos change and this helps to ensure that each child is using the program at their own pace. It’s not a “one size fits all” solution, but rather one that is very much personalized for each individual.

The basic way of using the system is to sign in to your account each morning, and it’s here that you record the events of the previous night. You enter whether or not your child woke up, whether they wet the bed, and other important details.

The program then collects this data and regularly reviews it, and readjusts the schedule according to the progress the child is making. This sort of feedback is invaluable and certainly goes a long way to keep up a child’s interest in continuing use of the bedwetting alarm. It also sees their confidence increase as they see the progress they’re making.

The videos allow a child to interact with Dr Sagie, and this is where they learn how to do the exercises which have been developed specifically for this product. No other bedwetting alarm comes with such a highly detailed interactive system.

The exercises generally involve targeting bladder control and this revolves around muscular exercises as well as a surprising method that the company believes is somewhat tied to controlling the bladder, and that includes exercising the eyes in certain ways.

Keep in mind that this is not a smartphone app. The provided software will run on desktop computers and laptops.

There is however an app for tablets, but there currently is no iPhone or other phone version.

A lot of people wonder how long they’ll be able to use the online program and its associated support system. The good news is that you get unlimited access to the TheraPee program, so you don’t have to feel rushed or panic if you think your child is making slow progress.

The company even says that you need to be prepared to stick with it up to 3, 4, or even 5 months to see real long term results (of course, some kids will stop their bedwetting a lot faster than that).

Currently, the TheraPee program comes in three languages: English, Spanish and Hebrew. The company does have plans to make it available in more languages soon.

How To Use The TheraPee Bedwetting Alarm

The TheraPee is a bit different to most other bedwetting alarm devices out there. Instead of having a sensor that clips to the child’s underwear or pyjamas, this alarm has a sensor pad.

The sensor pad is placed underneath the top sheet and provides a much wider area for detecting moisture, compared with a clip on sensor (the type seen on most other alarms).

The size of the pad is about 25″ x 20″ and allows a good amount of room for a child to move around in bed while still being in the right place to have any urine immediately detected by the sensor.

Kids are often restless sleepers and this is one of the biggest problems parents face when trying to use a bedwetting alarm, because the clip on alarms are prone to coming off during the night (some alarms are better than others in this regard).

The TheraPee sensor mat is an ideal size for a single bed, or smaller child sized beds. But even if your child sleeps in your larger bed, you can still position it well enough to cover the right area where it will need to be to detect moisture.

If however you think your child is moving off the pad at night (if he or she is wetting the bed and the alarm isn’t activating, this is a likely reason), you can do some simple modifications to the bed to keep your child lying on top of the mat all night – such as creating a soft border with pillows or folded blankets around the sensor mat area.

If you would rather not put the sensor under the sheet, you can place a thin cover on top of it instead – particularly in the early stages of using the device when wetness might still be happening as your child starts getting used to the routine of waking up to go to the bathroom.

Alarm Volume

You can choose from multiple volume settings for the alarm. Most people want to start out a lower volume, to see how a child reacts to it.

If they don’t wake at all, it’s time to turn it up louder. Deep sleepers benefit from being able to set the alarm at a much higher level than for kids who wake up more easily, and who would potentially be startled by a loud alarm that didn’t allow you to lower the volume like the TheraPee does.

How long does it take to work?

Every single child will take their own individual amount of time to start having regular dry nights when using the TheraPee alarm and program. Provided you follow the program as it’s meant to be done, kids can start seeing results from as little as a couple of weeks up to two or three months.

People do note that when they didn’t follow the program to schedule (for example, not doing the exercises regularly), progress was slower or kids relapsed back into bedwetting.

But keeping a commitment to actually using TheraPee properly clearly puts children in the best possible position to start seeing their confidence rise with consecutive, and eventually permanent dry nights.

Will It Wake Deep Sleepers?

The company is very confident that TheraPee is designed well for treating bedwetting in children who are deep sleepers. This is one of the biggest issues facing people when they use a bedwetting alarm; whether it will wake a child who is known to sleep through just about anything.

Often parents need to become involved in waking up and encouraging a child out of bed, especially in the early stages of using an alarm. In fact it’s highly recommended that you do this, and that parents also participate in the interactive software program.

The more motivation and support you provide to your child, the more likely he or she is to quickly get used to waking up when needing to go to the bathroom.

The TheraPee’s alarm sound volume is easily adjustable. So if you know your child is a deep sleeper, you can set it to a higher level. The maximum volume is about 95dB, which is louder than any other alarm we’ve looked at. Most reach a level of about 85dB at the most.

The TheraPee alarm doesn’t attach directly to your child, but instead gets placed on a bedside table or other surface close to the child in bed. This removes the need to have a child potentially be uncomfortable with an alarm that is attached to the pyjamas, as most other products are.

Unlike other bedwetting alarms which attach to the pyjamas, the TheraPee does not have a vibration alert function. This is because the alarm is placed next to the child, so vibrating would have no effect.

Dr Sagie believes that vibration in enuresis alarms is largely ineffective, and they have chosen to rely on sound alerts only with TheraPee. The idea is to create a connection between the alarm sound and the urge to urinate.

Additionally, an audible alarm is the only way to also alert parents who may be sleeping in the same room or a nearby room, and who want to be woken when the alarm goes off so the child can be taught and encouraged to get out of bed to go to the toilet.


  • Includes an unlimited license for the TheraPee bedwetting training software
  • Sensor pad detects urine in a much larger area than clip on sensors on other alarms
  • Adjustable volume levels to cater for both deep and light sleepers
  • Alarm does not attach to child so causes no discomfort
  • Loud alarm can be set up to 95dB
  • Provides a total bedwetting therapy solution at a fraction of the cost of seeing a therapist


  • No vibration function; because the alarm is external so relies on sound
  • Higher cost than other bedwetting alarms

How Does TheraPee Compare To Other Bedwetting Alarms?

As we’ve detailed in this review, TheraPee is not just a enuresis alarm but an entire system for treating bedwetting in kids and adults aged 4 and above.

People who want a simple, basic bedwetting alarms have plenty of solid options like the Chummie Premium and Elite, Shield, and many others that we also have reviews on here at our website.

A lot of people who start out with a basic alarm and don’t see the results they expected (not to say those products don’t work for many people, because they do.

Some kids will need a more advanced solution though), move on to the TheraPee and soon see what a unique treatment system it is in comparison.

It focuses on every aspect related to wetting the bed, including both physical and psychological.

The interactive program lets you create a real custom routine for your child, instead of having to just use an alarm in a standard way without much guidance.

The online software that you get access to with TheraPee, in contrast, really immerses your child in the process more so than if he or she were just using a simple progress chart or diary.

Children get to have a session with their TheraPee therapist every two weeks, and while it is pre-recorded, they aim to instruct your child not only how to use the alarm itself in order to get to having dry nights, but also provides instructions on exercises that aim to strengthen muscles and bladder capacity during the process.

These sessions can be done whenever you like, but it’s ideal to stick to the recommended timeframe if you want to follow the program closely as it’s been designed based on data, research and feedback over several decades and thousands of customers.

The overall goal of TheraPee is to help you stop bedwetting at a cost that is a fraction of what you would pay if you were regularly visiting a therapist.

TheraPee provides the personalised therapy with their online software, with the physical help through the alarm device itself. It’s a highly unique product that stands out from all other bedwetting alarms currently on the market.


The company offers customer support that is above and beyond that of many other bedwetting alarm suppliers.

In addition to the warranty, they are quick to contact customers via phone if there are any issues with the alarm, pad or any other part of the system. They are also swift to replace the product if any defects are found by customers (although this seems to be a very rare occurrence).

Just having the peace of mind that the company is standing behind the product so strongly, and won’t leave you hanging if you have any problems, is certainly a very positive benefit of the TheraPee system.

If it fits your budget, you can’t get any better than the TheraPee system when it comes to bedwetting alarms. It’s more than alarm: it’s an entire program to stop bedwetting and it comes highly recommended.

Check the current price on TheraPee or see more at Amazon