How long does it take for TheraPee to work

Have you bought a Dr. Sagie TheraPee bedwetting system and are wondering how long you’ll have to wait to see positive results?

Or perhaps you’re still weighing up your options for bedwetting alarms and want one that will provide the fastest relief from bedwetting.

The truth is that the speed of results with TheraPee is going to be different between individuals.

Most people will see substantial progress and often total dryness in a matter of weeks.

This can be three weeks or six weeks, or somewhere in between.

Occasionally it can take longer. Importantly: the program should be followed right through even if your child becomes dry early on. You want to maintain that progress and prevent any relapse.

It will depend on different factors and there’s no black and white time frame for eliminating bedwetting with this system.

The TheraPee system is of course more than just the alarm. You get a subscription to access all the online resources to help you and your child through the process of eliminating bedwetting with TheraPee.

There is no time limit on your subscription to TheraPee – it’s not a monthly subscription. Access is included in your purchase of the TheraPee system.

This means there’s no pressure there to see results in a certain timeframe for fear that your subscription will run out. Dr. Sagie is well aware that each child is going to have a different rate of progress.

So how long until the bedwetting starts to reduce?

Many will see results within about two weeks of starting use of TheraPee

How long until your child is completely dry? This will vary. But the 6 week mark is entirely possible, and many parents are happy to see substantial improvement by that point – if not complete dryness.

Don’t be discouraged if you get to 6-8 weeks and the bedwetting hasn’t been fully eliminated yet. Some children will take 12 weeks to have consistently dry nights.

You might have a run of dry nights, then when you think the bedwetting is behind you, there’s another wet night. This pattern is quite normal and reinforces why we need to continue being consistent.

Keep in mind that if you go from bedwetting happening every night, or most nights of the week, and after one to three months of using TheraPee the bedwetting frequency reduces to once or perhaps twice per week at the most – this is a substantial improvement.

100% dryness is possible and should be your ultimate goal, but don’t let the good get in the way of the perfect when it comes to evaluating your results and maintaining the motivation to continue with TheraPee for as long as needed.