Can TheraPee be used for teenagers and adults

TheraPee Bedwetting Solution is mostly designed for younger children, but there’s nothing stopping you using it for teenagers and adults with nocturnal enuresis.

First, older people suffering with bedwetting issues should seeing a doctor to evaluate whether it’s being caused by any health issues.

There are many reports of parents having their teens use TheraPee with good results. The main consideration in that situation is not whether TheraPee can work for older children and adults – it can work just as well as with young children – but whether teenagers are going to be reluctant to use it.

But what you might find is that teenagers who are suffering with this embarrassing and life altering problem will be determined to try anything to stop it happening, and TheraPee allows this to be done in the privacy of home. Your teen’s friends certainly don’t need to know anything about it.

While there may be a while where sleepovers, camping and other overnight activities might be difficult, most teens and young adults will find that using TheraPee’s ability to eliminate bedwetting is a short term commitment with big pay offs for the long term.

No matter the age, TheraPee is effective because the videos and activities make teens (and kids) or adults feel that progress is being monitored by a doctor. More so than a standalone bedwetting system without the associated program that comes with TheraPee With the online tracking system, teenagers and older children are able to see their progress.

This provides the motivation that, if it were not there, could otherwise lead to giving up. With TheraPee you just want to keep going because you can see the improvements and progress being made. Obviously teens have the ability to understand this themselves, while tracking progress of very young children is usually just done by parents.

In summary: TheraPee can be used successfully for teenagers and adults who are experiencing bedwetting, provided there are no underlying medical conditions causing the problem (see your doctor first).