Will the TheraPee alarm wake up other people in the house

Using the TheraPee system for bedwetting is a big step towards hopefully eliminating the entire problem of bedwetting for your child.

But how will it affect other children and people in the house? TheraPee comes with an alarm, and one of the concerns people have is whether the alarm going off at night could possbile wake up other children or residents in the house besides you and your child.

If your child who is using TheraPee has siblings in the same bedroom they could possibly be woken by the alarm.

Important to note: you can adjust the alarm volume on your TheraPee system. It needs to be loud enough to wake your child, but you will most likely to need to adjust it over a number of nights to get the balance right. Those who are deep sleepers will obviously require a louder volume, and this could mean other people in your home can hear it.