Will sweating set off the TheraPee alarm

Most kids will not sweat enough during the night to set off the TheraPee alarm as a false alarm.

The alarm is only (obiously) meant to activate when urine is detected. Excessive sweating can potentially cause a false alarm, waking up your child.

You can set the sensitivuty of the TheraPee alarm to reduce the chance of it being activated by sweating. But this needs to be balanced out by the risk that a low sensitivity won’t detect urine. Experimenting with different settings over a number of nights will help you get the balance right.

Most people who are having issues with sweating setting off the alarm find that setting the device to low sensitivity fixes the problem and the false alarms stop.

It is not uncommon for parents with sweaty sleeper children to complain that TheraPee is going off during the night as a false alarm.

But most people will be able to overcome this by changing the setting to lower sensitivity.

Only the most extreme sweaty sleepers might have difficulty ever getting the TheraPee to function properly.