TEQIN bedwetting alarm

The TEQIN enuresis alarm is one of the lowest cost bedwetting alarms currently available.

Here’s a quick overview of the good and bad of this alarm system:

The Good:

  • Low cost: if budget is an issue, this will be one of the first enuresis alarms you look at
  • Good customer service from the company

The Not So Good:

  • No controls for volume
  • Clip could be better quality to reduce risk of detachment from underwear during the night
  • Some quality control issues with random malfunctioning – but see above point about positive customer service

That probably makes you wonder whether it’s going to work as good as a more expensive bedwetting alarm?

Read on to find out, as we’ve done in depth research on how this alarm works, what sort of quality you get for the price, and revealing any problems or disadvantages real customers have had after buying and using this product as an important part of the process in eliminating bedwetting.

Quick Summary

The TEQIN system is a basic enuresis alarm and you can get the most out of it by knowing how it works, how to use it properly and how it differs from some of the more expensive alarms out there (which we talk about near the end of this article)

  • Uses both a sound and vibration to wake your child when the first sign of wetness is detected
  • Comfortable elastic adjustable armband
  • A small, lightweight clamp attaches the sensor to your child’s clothing
  • Alarm device is discreet and easily hidden underneath sleepwear

What You Get

What's in the box of the Teqin enuresis alarm
What’s in the box.

The package you receive is simple: the Teqin Bedwetting Alarm consisting of the sensor and clip which is attached via a thin cable to the alarm itself, an adjustable elastic armband which you attach the alarm to

Also included is a basic user manual which instructs you on how to use the device to get the best results for your child.

Being a simple type of enuresis alarm, you’re unlikely to have trouble figuring out how to use it even if you’re someone who prefers not to read the manual (although it is certainly recommended that you do, to get the most of out of this alarm).

How It Works

The way that the Teqin alarm wakes a child after it detects any wetness where you’ve attached the sensor to your child’s clothing is two fold: by a simultaneous alarm sound plus vibration.

The small electronic sensor and clip of the TEQIN bedwetting alarm
The tiny, lightweight electronic sensor clips on to your child’s underwear without causing discomfort

Unlike some other bedwetting alarms available, there is no one or the other option. Both vibration and sound is the only option.

This is fine for most people and for use at home, although for kids who might be using an alarm at sleepovers or camps where more privacy is wanted, you’d likely want an alarm that allows you to select a vibration-only option.

The vibration itself takes place on the child’s arm where the armband is attached, making it more likely to be noticed by your child if for some reason he or she doesn’t immediately wake up to the alarm sound.

The two common urine detecting sensor types in bedwetting alarm products are magnetic and electronic. This Teqin alarm uses an electronic sensor which is powered by a tiny microprocessor; making the sensor itself very small. Once the clip (containing the sensor) is attached to your child’s clothing, it small and light enough that it won’t cause discomfort.

The elastic armband part of the device is adjustable, and contains the alarm itself where the sound and vibration emits from if the sensor detects wetness from urine.

This is all designed to happen in milliseconds, at the first drop of wetness so that the child is immediately woken to empty his or bladder in the bathroom.

The TEQIN bedwetting alarm uses one battery
The TEQIN bedwetting alarm uses one button battery

The alarm uses a round type CR2032 button battery and is designed for low power consumption, meaning batteries should last a relatively long time. There’s also a low battery indicator so you won’t be suddenly caught out with a dead battery.

The entire goal of this Teqin bedwetting alarm, as with all enuresis alarms, is to introduce a training process that gets a child used to waking up when there’s an urge to urinate.

The end goal is for a child to be able to awaken automatically without the alarm. This can only happen after sustained and committed use of an alarm like the Teqin, which requires your child to be motivated and interested in both using it and tracking his or her progress each night.

The company recommends that after your child starts experiencing dry nights when using the Teqin alarm, that you continue using it every night for at least 1-2 weeks to ensure that the dryness continues.

As can sometimes happen, some kids will have a dry spell for a week, then start wetting again. Or they might go a few days dry, then have on and off night of wetting. This is because stopping bedwetting isn’t often a sudden thing.

It is gradual, hence the need to continue with the use of the Teqin (or any other) alarm until a long term pattern of dry nights is happening.

How long will you need to use it for?

There is no definitive answer to that question. Every child is different, and some people find that they see a vast improvement within just a few weeks, while others note that it can take a couple of months before regular and consistent dry nights happen.

The key is to keep your child motivated and positive about using the alarm device and praising them on every bit of progress, not matter how small it might seem.

Pros and Cons

What are real people saying about their experience using the TEQIN bedwetting alarm device? That’s all that really matters in the end – whether it’s helping kids like yours get rid of their distressing bed wetting issues.

We’ve gone through hundreds of real customer reviews and comments about this alarm to find out what people are saying about it. Including what they’re happy with and just as importantly, if anyone has had issues with this product so you can more easily decide whether this is a good choice for your needs, or whether you should be looking at one of the other enuresis alarms out there.

We’ve kept these points related to the product itself, rather than the personal behavior of children. Because a huge factor when it comes to the effectiveness of a enuresis alarm like this is the commitment of parents and the willingness of the child to use the device and to stick with it over a period of time; and that’s something which comes down to each individual child and their family.

Positive points about the Teqin alarm:

  • The price is low enough for hesitant people to give a bedwetting alarm a try without a larger financial outlay. However, as would be expected, the overall quality and feature set is not as high as other much more expensive products. People who are happy to pay more can certainly look at some of the higher priced enuresis alarm systems available
  • Some people noted that dry nights began after anywhere from 2 nights to 3 weeks after starting use of this alarm. Which proves that it very much comes down to each individual child and a commitment needs to be made to use the alarm consistently if you want to see results

Potentially negative experiences people have shared:

  • Occasionally noted by some users is that they found that the alarm wasn’t loud enough to wake the child – this clearly depends upon each individual child, with very deep sleepers being the most challenging to wake with an alarm. The vibration function of the Teqin system provides a secondary alert which can be particularly helpful for deep sleeping children.
  • No discreet “vibration only” mode like some other alarms, eg the Smart enuresis alarm. The Teqin activates with both sound and vibration simultaneously as the only option.

Compared To Other Bedwetting Alarms

The Teqin enuresis alarm is one of the first alarms we’ve reviewed, so check back soon as we update this section with information and comparisons to other enuresis alarm products. The Teqin is certainly one of the lowest cost models available which is an important factor when you’re deciding which one to purchase.


The Teqin bedwetting alarm covers the basic functions of a enuresis alarm, and is a good option if you’re on a low budget. If you can afford to spend a little more, higher quality alarms with more features are available.

View the price or see more about the TEQIN bedwetting alarm at Amazon