If you’ve been looking for a quality snoring mouthguard you would have certainly come across the well known brand SnoreRx.

But there’s more than one SnoreRx mouthguard.

There’s the original SnoreRx, and then there’s SnoreRx Plus.

They look very much the same going by appearance. Both are able to be customized to give a comfortable fit.

Both work by encouraging the lower jaw to slightly move forward in its position while you sleep, allowing a more open airway and easier breathing.

The main difference between the SnoreRX and SnoreRX Plus is the slightly different design of SnoreRX Plus that allows a more detailed adjustment.

SnoreRX Plus has a removable upper tray and an additional middle tray.

SnoreRX has no middle tray and the upper tray is not removeable.

Both models have an upper and lower tray. But only the SnoreRX Plus has a middle tray. This makes the adjustment process a bit different with SnoreRX Plus.

Note: This adjustment is only done after you’ve completed the initial custom fit to create an impression of the SnoreRX Plus by following the boiling water instruction process as provided with the product.

With the SnoreRX Plus you use the middle tray as part of the adjustment process, after removing the upper tray. With the SnoreRX you only use the lower and upper tray together to make adjustments.

Technically these are what are called mandibular advancement devices, or MAD for short. They are one of the least intrusive and lowest cost types of anti-snoring devices we can use.

SnoreRX vs SnoreRX Plus

The company does not actually provide a direct comparison between the two SnoreRX models.

SnoreRX Plus comes with an important added benefit: it is adjustable for for vertical jaw movement.

Whether you choose SnoreRx or SnoreRx Plus, you’re likely to either love it or hate it. The overall sentiment around these products is that the mouthguard either works really well for someone, or they just can’t get comfortable using it and/or find that it doesn’t make a difference to the snoring.

Few people will have a middle of the road experience – it will either work well for you or it won’t. But you should give it some time to get used to while following the instructions closely, especially when it comes to incrementally adjusting the mouthguard by the recommend one millimeter increments.

The recommendation is to wear it at each setting for at least three nights.

Five nights is even better. In other words: don’t give up after just one or two nights.