SnoreRX vs SnoreMD comparison

SnoreMD and SnoreRx are two similar anti-snoring devices designed to be adjustable and worn all night to reduce and ultimately, prevent snoring.

When you look at these products side by side and view the provided instructions and directions for use, one thing becomes clear:

SnoreRx and SnoreMD are almost identical.

But there are two models of SnoreRX: there’s the standard SnoreRX, then there’s the more expensive SnoreRx Plus.

The two versions are very much the same, with one main difference:

SnoreRx Plus comes with the additional ability to allow vertical (up and down) movement of your jaw.

In comparison, there is just the one version of SnoreMD.

SnoreMD and SnoreRX are approved for the treatment of snoring.

They both work by making a small but important adjustment to your lower jaw, which you can customize through micro adjusting the mouthguard.

This opens up the airway enough to improve airflow so that snoring is reduced and breathing is improved.

Both products need to be molded using boiling water before you first use it. This creates the custom impression that ensures either the SnoreRx or the SnoreMD fits your mouth perfectly.

There’s a small catch here though: SnoreMD is sold both in the US and in Australia. The Australian version is made there, while the US version is made in California.

The US version of SnoreMD is slightly different in design to the Australian SnoreMD. Both products, however, should work exactly the same so there should not be a need to feel that you need to order an international version to get “the right one”.