SnoreRX works very well for a lot of people in reducing and often preventing snoring and restoring sleep quality for both the snorer and their partner or other people in the home.

But not everyone has a positive experience with this anti-snoring mouthpiece. Or more technically, it’s an adjustable mandibular advancement device.

Here are five of the most common complaints that people have about using the SnoreRX:

1. Sore Mouth

If you struggle to get the SnoreRX to comfortably fit it’s inevitably going to cause discomfort and soreness. This could simply be due to not adjusting the mouthpiece to provide an ideal fit. The most critical factor in using the SnoreRX effectively is to make the very tiny, yet very important adjustments using the millimeter measurements.

The company recommends starting at the 1mm setting and only adjusting it every three to five nights by 1mm each time. But that adjustment is mostly aimed at achieving the best position for stopping snoring, rather than for comfort. The comfort aspect of Snore RX comes from the way it molds to the shape of your teeth and mouth by biting down on it.

You only need to do this customized fitting once (it should take a few minutes) then the SnoreRX should be firmly but comfortably shaped to fit your mouth. If this process isn’t done properly, you WILL experience discomfort. Those who find they get a sore mouth with SnoreRX have possibly not created a proper impression through the recommended fitting process (what the manufacturer calls “boil-and-bite”).

2. Difficult to Clean

Keeping the Snore RX clean and hygienic is of vital importance and the devices are made to be easy to clean. Not keeping the SnoreRX clean is guaranteed to lead to bacterial build up. The manufacturer recommends always brushing your teeth before using the SnoreRX. It should then be cleaned simply using a toothbrush and toothpaste after each use. It’s strongly recommended to use a quality mouth guard spray product to provide additional cleaning and safe disinfecting. Don’t use bleach or any harsh chemicals, and store the SnoreRX in its case when you’re not using it. All of these actions contribute towards keeping the mouthguard clean and hygenic and there should be little difficulty in cleaning it well if you follow this simple process.
As you will expect, your mouthguard should only be used by you and never shared with anyone else.

3. Too Big

All mouths are different and even with your best effort to adjust and bite into the SnoreRX as recommended to provide a secure and customized fit, it’s possible that the mouthguard will just be too large for some people to wear.

4. Didn’t last long

Some users find that their SnoreRX mouthguard becomes degraded in quality within less than one year of regular use. This seems to be a very small minority, because SnoreRX is actually made to a high quality with durable materials. Poor or rough cleaning technique, rough handling, and inadequate storage could all lead to a degrading of the material and could explain why a small number of buyers have complained about durability.

Most of the complaints or disappointments about using SnoreRX revolve around discomfort.

It’s so critical that the instructions for the initial impression molding are followed closely. If you get that part wrong, you will struggle to comfortably use SnoreRX. The mouthguard will be as comfortable as you mold it but there may still be some people with a jaw shape that just won’t work well with SnoreRX.

On the upside, those who are not satisfied with the use of SnoreRX do find that refund requests are quickly and effeciently attended to by the company.