The way you intitially mold and customize your SnoreMD is going to make or break whether it works as intended for you.

The ultimate goal is for the SnoreMD to completely stop all of your snoring all night.

This can take some time and practice using the device.

But if you haven’t followed the instructions for custom fitting before you first use it, you will find it uncomfortable and will be unlikely to want to stick with using it every night.

So don’t rush through this most important stage of getting the SnoreMD set up and ready to go.

The simple way of looking at the set up of your new SnoreMD is a three step boil and bite process.

This gives you a good idea of what’s involved: the SnoreMD will be boiled and you’ll be biting into it to create your own unique molded impression so it custom fits you and you only (needless to say, never share the SnoreMD with anyone else).

The boiling aspect of this process is important: mostly that it’s essential that the water is boiled in a microwave.

Do not use a stove top to boil the water – the mouthguard could become damaged and unusable by touching the bottom of the saucepan.

The SnoreMD covers both your upper and lower teeth. This can feel strange at first and it’s why it’s strongly recommedended to wear the mouthguard for a few hours during the day over several days before you start using it at night. This gives you some “practice” and a way to get used to the feeling of the SnoreMD.

Once you’re ready to start wearing it to bed, don’t overlook the fact that sleeping on your side or your stomach is the best way to support the functionality of the SnoreMD. If you’re normally a back sleeper or if you know you move around a lot at night, there are sleep position aids that can encourage you to stay on your side all night; or just use a pillow or two to start with. Your sleep positioning can mean the difference between the SnoreMD working to stop snoring, or giving you disappointing results.