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Smart Bedwetting Alarm For Deep Sleepers Review

Smart Bedwetting Alarm

Smart Bedwetting Alarm

The Smart Bedwetting Alarm is small, lightweight, and simple to use by kids who want to regain confidence by stopping bed wetting.

It’s designed to work for both boys and girls, and particularly for children who are deep sleepers as they are often the ones who struggle the most with fixing a bedwetting problem.

This enuresis alarm has some unique features which are described in this review as a result of our in depth research on the product, as part of our series of reviews of all the available bedwetting alarms on the market.

We also looked closely at what customers have been saying and whether this alarm is changing lives by stopping embarrassing and stressful bedwetting in children.

Read on to find out if the Smart bed wetting alarm system is one you should consider!

Quick Summary of the Smart Bedwetting Alarm

  • Mid-range priced enuresis alarm
  • Comes with colorful stickers to make it fun for kids to personalize – makes it fun and increases enthusiasm
  • Suitable for children 5 years and older, including teenagers and deep sleepers
  • Electronic microprocessor urine sensor
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty
  • 3 alarm modes: sound only, vibration only, and sound and vibration
  • 8 different alarm sounds
  • Two step process to turn off the alarm makes it difficult to ignore

What You Get

This is what you receive in the package when you order the Smart alarm for enuresis:

  • Bedwetting Alarm System
  • Interchangeable sticker set
  • Progress chart
Smart Enuresis Alarm sticker set

Some of the fun sticker collection supplied with the Smart enuresis alarm

How It Works

The small sensor clip attaches to the outside of your child’s underwear when he or she goes to bed.

There are 8 different alarm sounds built into the system.

The reason for this is so your child doesn’t become used to one sound which can lead to it being ignored – by changing it up it allows for a lot of variation and makes sure that the alarm really is an alarm that will wake him or her up.

The sound plays continuously after detecting wetness from urine (just one drop is meant to set it off), and importantly, it takes two actions to switch the alarm off.

This means a child can’t quickly press one button and switch off the alarm to go back to sleep, but is much more likely to pay attention and sit up – so encouraging him/her to make the trip to the bathroom to empty their bladder.

However if you decide not to even use the alarm sound, and prefer to use vibration only, that can be selected as one of the 3 modes:

  • Sound and vibration alert
  • Sound only alert
  • Vibration only alert

The vibration only option is particularly good for times when your child might feel self-conscious about using the alarm, like at sleepovers or anywhere where he or she doesn’t want others to hear the alarm going off.

The vibration-only setting is a discreet choice which is good to have available if you need it, but in most cases at home (and especially when just starting out with the alarm), using both the sound and vibration setting is advisable so your child has the maximum chance of being woken up and directed to the bathroom to urinate.

When it comes to effectiveness of bed wetting alarms, it’s all about the quality of the sensor.

If the sensor doesn’t detect dampness immediately, your child will wet the bed.

The best enuresis alarms are able to immediately detect wetness without causing a false alarm from sweat, and have the alarm sound or vibrate instantly before your child empties his bladder in the bed.

The Smart bedwetting alarm does this by having a large urine detection area which has been designed to pick up the wetness from the very first urine drop; stopping the child from continuing by waking him or her.

The Smart alarm uses an electronic sensor powered by a tiny but powerful microprocessor. This is one of two types of sensor system; with the other being a magnetic type seen in some other enuresis alarm products.

Pros and cons (from comments/questions)

There are a lot of bedwetting alarm products available, and some have particular benefits, while at the same time having some potential disadvantages. Our pros and cons list is based on in depth research on the product itself, as well as through comments, reviews and experiences of real customers who have bought and used this alarm system for their child.


  • Affordable. It’s not the cheapest alarm for enuresis available but far from the most expensive. This makes it a great choice for those who want to try the alarm method of stopping bedwetting, without spending a huge amount.
  • 8 variable sounds to change it up
  • Colorful sticker set encourages kids to personalize their own alarm, making them more likely to commit to using it
  • Lightweight and discreet system clips easily on to underwear


  • Small numbers of people have reported faulty sensors (a common report with almost all bedwetting alarm products); however manufacturer’s warranty covers this if it occurs.
  • Lacks features of the most expensive enuresis alarms

Remember: The success of any bedwetting alarm rests mostly upon your and your child’s commitment and motivation to using it every night.

The goal of the alarm is to gradually train your child to naturally wake up when they have an urge to urinate. After this occurs, she or he will no longer need to use the bedwetting alarm at all.

Who is the Smart Enuresis Alarm Good For?

Smart Bedwetting Alarm for children - Snowman sticker

A snowman is one of the many stickers kids can personalize their Smart alarm with.

This alarm is a good choice for young children 5 and up, as it comes with some fun stickers which make the process of using the alarm a lot more enjoyable – remember that a child needs to want to commit to using a enuresis alarm every night if you are to see progress and stop the bedwetting.

It has also been designed with deep sleepers in mind.

Kids who sleep very deeply are the most difficult to train to stop bedwetting and often alarms are not effective in waking them.

With this in mind, Smart has implemented some features, like 8 different sound types, to make this enuresis alarm system one that help chance the bedwetting pattern of deep sleepers.

The supplied progress chart with this Smart bedwetting alarm provides extra motivation for kids, since they can look back on how well they’ve been doing and they will feel compelled to keep on using it in order to reach the goal of halting bedwetting permanently. This progress chart is particularly useful for older kids (8+) but can certainly be provided to your child if he or she is younger – you simply need to take the time to make using this bedwetting system fun and rewarding.

The more rewarding the process, the more likely your child is to continue using the alarm until the nocturnal enuresis problem has completely gone.

This alarm is suited for both boys and girls.

Comparison to Other Bedwetting Alarms

We are currently in the process of reviewing other top bedwetting alarms, so check back here soon for a comparison of the Smart alarm with other similarly priced enuresis alarms.


The Smart alarm is an affordable bedwetting system that covers all the basics, and does them well. There are no fancy features but instead, a simple system that is easy to use and importantly, fun for kids. The set of fun and colorful stickers that are provided help to keep a child’s interest in using the device every night, and so does the progress chart.

For parents wanting a low cost alarm for bedwetting training, the Smart system is one to seriously consider.

Check out the Smart Bedwetting Alarm at Amazon

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