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Sleep Headphones

You can try and wear regular headphones or earphones/earplugs to help you fall and stay asleep, but the discomfort is not going to work well for most of us.

That’s why sleeping specific headphones have been designed, and designed very well.

Most of these headphones come in a headband design. Why?

  • The headband keeps the headphones on your head all through the night
  • It’s MUCH more comfortable than trying to lay on your side with normal headphones or earphones

There are two main designs for night time sleeping earbuds or headphones. They are:

  • A soft headband with inbuilt ear speakers
  • A flexible headband with ear plugs

The type you prefer will come down to how you sleep and whether you’re comfortable with having plugs in your ears all night. They’re made to stay in much better than regular daytime earbuds, but if you’re a side sleeper it’s easy to see how it could become a tad uncomfortable if you buy a poorly designed set. There are high end nightbuds which, while quite pricey, I find pay themselves off quickly simply through the sheer fact that they stay in, and they’re comfortable even for a mostly side sleeper.