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Shield Bedwetting Alarms – Max & Prime

The Shield Bedwetting alarms come in two models: Max and Prime. These are low to middle of the range priced enuresis alarms.

Below is a brief table outlining the difference between the Prime and the Max, which leads in to our review of these alarms. To save you time, we’ve looked closely at these products, including to find out whether they’re really working for people like you.

Are they a good choice for stopping bedwetting in kids? Read on to find out…

Shield Max vs Shield Prime – What’s the Difference?

Shield Max Shield Prime
Alarm tones 8 1
Vibrate-only mode Yes Yes
Colors Green & Silver Blue & Red

As you can see, the differences between the Max and Prime models are not substantial.

But the one main difference – the number of alarm sounds – can make a huge difference in how effective a bedwetting alarm is in waking your child.

Without being able to change the alarm sound, you’re stuck relying on a single option and if that doesn’t work, it doesn’t leave much room to change the situation so that your child has a chance to have dry nights with an alarm.

The Shield Max wins out in this area, and at just a slightly higher price than the Prime model, paying for this feature is going to be worth it for most parents because having multiple alarm tones is one of the important ways of preventing a child from getting used to a single sound and not waking up when wet.

What You Get

  • Shield alarm device
  • Motivation system including stickers
  • Manufacturer’s 1 year warranty and access to specialist advice

Both the Max and the Prime come in two different colors, and they aren’t your usual blue/pink, but some attractive options including aqua-green and silver. While not a huge deal, it’s another thing that can add interest for a child.

Ultimately, the more fun and motivating you can make the process, the more likely your child is to want to use the alarm and continue using it every night. Letting them choose their own favorite color is another positive part of this process!

How it works

The Shield enuresis alarms are made for both young children and teenagers.

It has three alert modes to wake a child as soon as the electronic sensor detects the first drop of urine. You must attach the sensor on your child’s underwear. The 3 modes are: alarm tone, vibration (discreet mode), or a combination of alarm sound plus vibration.

The company states that the Shield alarms are designed to help stop the problem of bedwetting within a matter of weeks.

This requires continual use and perseverance, for both you and your child, with the reward being permanent dry nights. The amount of time it takes for regular dry nights to happen will always differ between individual kids or teens.

A unique benefit of the Shield bedwetting alarm treatment system is the access you get to specialist advice.

This is not something you see in most other low cost alarms. It may not be something you’ll ever need, but it can be nice to know help is on hand if you want it.

Like a lot of alarms, the Shield comes with a sticker system which is designed to motivate kids as they watch their progress.

This increases confidence and provides a small reward for every night that’s dry. This makes using a bedwetting alarm fun, and not a chore – something that’s really important to keep a child’s interest up!


  • Affordable price
  • Unique colors for added interest
  • Loud alarm tone + vibration makes it ideal for deep sleepers
  • Discreet vibrate-only option
  • 1 year warranty
  • One touch setup to get started
  • Free unlimited specialist advice


  • 2 models can get confusing: see our table above for the minor differences
  • Prime model only has one alarm tone (Shield Max has 8)


The Shield Max and Prime bedwetting alarms are an affordable treatment system that cover all the basics of a enuresis alarm. You won’t find any fancy features or gimmicks here, but instead just a solid alarm system that is designed to make it simple to get started and comfortable for kids to use on a nightly basis.

If your budget for a enuresis alarm is in the low to mid range, the Shield Max ticks all the boxes and you’d be hard pressed to find something better at this price point.

See the Shield Max or Shield Prime bedwetting alarms at Amazon

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