Using rubber sheets to protect your child’s or your bed against bedwetting is a common and cost effective option. You can also combine this with the use of bedwetting alarm products.

Although there are now other more advancd waterproof materials that are sold as bedwetting pads and sheets, it’s still possible to buy rubber based sheets if that is your preference.

The type of rubber used on a bed needs to be gentle on the skin (even if you’re not likely to come into direct contact with it).

Rubber has a great advantage over many other types of bed protection materials:

  • Rubber is completely waterproof
  • Rubber is fast and easy to clean
  • Rubber remains cool in summer
  • Rubber makes no noise as you or your child moves during the night

Using appropriate rubber as a form of mattress protection can be cheaper than buying some other types of bed protective pads and sheets.