Rodger Wireless Bedwetting Alarm Kit

The Rodger bedwetting system is a bit different to most of other alarms in that it comes as a kit and includes the alarm device, plus two pairs of briefs that a moisture sensing and a waterproof bed mat.

Now this will suit some people, but not all.

If you want your child (or they want) to continue wearing their regular underwear to bed then you’re better off with one of the other many bedwetting alarm products that don’t come with additional attire.

There are some benefits to getting the briefs and bed mat in the Rodger package though. The briefs are of course custom made to work specifically as bedwetting detection underwear. It’s these briefs that detect any moisture – there’s no need for your child to wear a sensor which can be quite large in some other products.

The briefs have a special holder in front where the small wireless transmitter slots in and is secured with velcro and a button attachment so it should not come loose during the night.

If moisture is detected, the wireless signal is sent to the receiver that you plug into a power socket nearby.

The briefs come in small, medium, large and extra large so the majority of parents will be able to select an appropriate size and have the briefs fit well. They are light cotton, and are made as a loose fit around the legs similar to boxer shorts.

Their design is so that they can be worn by both males and females. There’s no particular shape to the briefs, and this can be an issue for kids who are larger or small in size around the legs.

They will fit most children, but won’t fit every single child. One option is to place another pair or regular briefs or even pull-ups on top, just making sure the alarm transmitter is in place underneath.

The included bed pad provides extra mattress protection, but is not itself part of the moisture detection system. It does save you buying a separate bed mat if you’ve been thinking of using one.

You probably have this question after looking at the kit that comes in the Rodger bedwetting system:

Do you have to use the included briefs with the Rodger alarm?

Yes, you have to use the provided briefs because they contain the moisture detection technology. You can’t see it, but they are fitted with “moisture sensing threads”. The device that you attach to the briefs does not detect moisture from urine – it is just a transmitter which sends a signal to the receiver plugged into the wall socket.

Without the provided Rodger briefs, moisture could not be detected. In other words: unless you’re happy to use the included briefs, you’ll need to look at other bedwetting alarm systems instead.

There are 8 different sounds that the receiver can emit once it receives the signal from the transmitter your child is wearing.

Because the sound emitting receiver is plugged into the wall, your child (or you as a parent) needs to get out of bed to turn it off – this then makes it easy to then go to the bathroom.

Pros and Cons of the Rodger Wireless Bedwetting Alarm Kit

So is the Rodger bedwetting system going to be a good choice for you and your child?

There are pros and cons, but whether you see each one as an advantage or disadvantage is going to come down to personal preference.

  • Briefs included: easy to securely attach the transmitter
  • Can’t be used without the included briefs
  • Receiver plugs into wall – some people will prefer a bedside unit
  • Volume level and 8 sound selection on the receiver to tailor it to your environment
  • Some users have reported frequent false alarms, with complains about a lack of response from the company