What is the Rodger bedwetting alarm?

This is one of the lesser known enuresis alarm brands – but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Some company’s simply don’t over saturate their marketing efforts – and while this can lead to a product being overlooked, it also means we can learn a thing or two by looking closely at an alarm like this one to compare it to the bigger names out there.

Rodger is a company located in The Netherlands. This is a welcome departure from the ever growing number of Chinese knock-off alarms we’re seeing (and point out whenever we can on this site).

They have a focus on working alongside experts to tackle the problem of bedwetting, and this has led to the development of their wireless bedwetting alarm system. Additionally, Rodger has developed some other pretty unique bedwetting products. This includes a day time alarm, and a vibration watch. We’ll be looking at those products in another another in the near future.

Where can you buy the Rodgers Bedwetting Alarm?

You can get this alarm at the official Rodgers website store, however their online shop is targeted mainly at European customers, and their Terms of Delivery page is written in Dutch.

The alarm system is listed at Amazon, and has been sold there on and off, although as of writing in January 2018 it is currently unavailable.

The company has distributors all over the world, so although it might be a bit of a mission to locate a Rodger unit, locating a local seller is our best bet currently, until Amazon and larger online retailers begin to stock this alarm again.

What You Need To Know

The Rodger is a wireless bedwetting alarm that comes in a package of 2 briefs that the sensor is attached to.

The wireless transmitter is designed to work over a 75 foot distance range.

The bedwetting alarm system is suitable for both children and adults, as the briefs are available in 8 different sizes from Small Child to XL Adult sizes.

Unlike most of the other alarms we’ve covered on this site, the Rodger system doesn’t require you to clip the sensor on to the underwear, or to work out how to sleep comfortably with a wire cable. Rodger calls these “sensor briefs”, and these are what you need to wear in order to have this system work.

The Rodger Clippo Day Time Enuresis Alarm

Rodger Clippo Day Time Enuresis Alarm

This is a unique little product from Rodger, and as the name suggests, it’s designed for use during the day rather than being used in bed at night like the regular bedwetting alarms we look at. There aren’t many products like the Clippo around.

So what is the Clippo and what benefit can it have for your child?

Ideally, the youngest age that the Clippo is suitable for is 8 years old as the child needs to know how to use the alarm, as well as have an understanding of why they’re using it.

This is a very small, portable lightweight alarm device that operates in a similar way to regular bedwetting alarms – it has a clip sensor attached to the device with a short cable. The clip attaches discreetly to a childs underwear where it is able to to detect moisture. The alarm device itself attaches to the trousers with another clip.

The Clippo is primarily made for children who experience daytime enuresis. The goal of the Clippo alarm is very similar to that of night time enuresis alarms: to alert the child to the first sign of urination, which acts to train them to detect when their bladder is full – so over time they can recognize that they need to go to a bathroom.

Can the Clippo also be used at night as a regular bedwet alarm? Yes, there’s no reason why the Clippo can’t act as a day and night time alarm system.

The Rodger Clippo enuresis alarm is available at Amazon here