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Are Ninjamas better than Goodnites for Bedwetting?

Ninjamas and Goodnites are both made to be worn all night to help protect against bedwetting wetness and discomfort.

But are they excatly the same, or is one better than the other at helping your child feel dry until morning and suppressing odors?

Which is Better – Ninjamas vs Goodnites

Which one you and your child prefers will come down to personal choice.

But there are aspects that we can compare which provide a point of focus if you’re at the stage of needing to choose between Ninjamas or Goodnites. Which is better overall, and why?

1. Goodnites large size are bigger than Ninjamas L/XL

One of the regular complaints about Ninjamas is that their largest size, which is the L/XL, is still too small for some children.

The large Goodnites are probably going to provide a better fit for larger kids – but on the other hand, Ninjamas have more flexibility in them.

Still, if they don’t fit then the Ninjamas are going to be too tight. In cases of larger kids, Goodnites are almost certainly going to the better fitting option of the two.

While Ninjamas are a really useful and effective product for what they’re designed to do, it must remembered that:

Ninjamas will not stop bedwetting from happening.

Like waterproof bed mats and other mitigation products, Ninjamas are about getting through each night where bedwetting is happening and reducing or eliminating the effects of urine on clothing and bedding. They won’t help stop bedwetting; for that you need to take a proactive approach and for most children aged 5 and up this involves using a bedwetting alarm for two to three months.

Are Ninjamas the same as pull ups?

The Ninjamas are similar to pull-ups with a customized design. They have tear-away sides to easily put on and off. Once the sides are torn away, you can not do them back up – they literally tear away. They do not refasten as with velcro or other materials.

One downside of this is if the sides tear unintentionally, the Ninjamas need to be disposed of. Some people have complained about accidental tears when a child is walking around, and sometimes while a child is sleeping. This obviously results in leaks.

Are Ninjamas scented?

Ninjamas are not scented. They are made with a patented technology called OdorMask Technology. As the name suggests, it should effectively mask and hide the smell of urine during the night. This is not the same as being scented. Instead the Ninjamas are able to suppress the strong odor of urine which is much more effective than trying to cover it up with a scent or perfume.

Ninjamas Sizes

It’s important that your child wears the best matched size of Ninjamas so that urine will not leak, and that the Ninjamas stay in place all night. Pampers has carefully designed the Ninjamas to suit the widest range of sizes. You can buy S/M or L/XL.

These combined sizing options are thanks to the way the Ninjamas have been flexibly designed to provide a proper fit without restricting you to trying to choose a very specific size.

Instead, the Ninjamas will be able to conform and fit to your child’s shape within quite an extended range. Each Ninjama has what Pampers calls a Form-Fit waistband which stretches and fits firmly but not overly tight, just like regular underwear.

So the Sm/Medium size fits kids of weight 36lb to 65lb approximately.

The Large/X-Large size will fit an approximate weight range of 64lb to 125lb.

This means Ninjamas can be comfortably worn by the smallest kids, right up to more heavier or older children.