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How does the Nighthawk Bedwetting Alarm work? (NightHawk Potty Pager)

The Nighthawk Bedwetting Alarm (which they also call the NightHawk Potty Pager) has gone under the radar a little bit. The company proclaims it as the number one bedwetting treatment, and it has received a recommendation from one Pediatric Urology specialist. Apart from that, there doesn’t appear to be any professional recommondations of this alarm.

The company claims it is the “World’s #1 Most Loved Bedwetting Treatment”.

But we’re not sure how or where this claim comes about. It is not generally available on Amazon or other big retailers, so reviews are non-existent besides a few positive testimonials on the official website (which are not possible to verify).

The main place to buy this alarm is direct from the manufacturer’s website, which is probably why it has not become such a big name like Chummie or TheraPee.

But that doesn’t mean the Nighthawk alarm doesn’t work well. It may very well be as effective as the more well known products.

It is unclear just how active the company currently is. Their Facebook page and blog have not been attended to since mid-2020 – more than two years ago.

With such sparse information and real world reviews, as well as what we could call a lack of transparency about just how people might be faring with this alarm, it is difficult to recommend the NightHawk unless you’re fine with taking a chance on a lesser known product. They have a YouTube channel, but it has no videos.