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Does LUMI by Pampers work with other diapers?

The Lumi Pampers Smart Sleep System is a revolutionary diaper technology that can make life less stressful for you and your baby.

If you’ve already bought into, and enjoy using the LUMI Sleep System, can you use this system with other brands of diapers besides Pampers?

The sleep sensor designed by Pampers is made to attach to their diapers which are designed with an attachment point. That means, to use the sensors on any other type of diaper you would need a similar type of attachment on the front of the diaper.

The Pampers Sleep Sensor is sold seperately from the diapers themselves. Obviously, once you have a sensor you don’t need to be buying one every time you buy diapers.

This specific design means that unfortunately you can not use the LUMI sensor with any other diapers besides the LUMI by Pampers diapers. This includes any other Pampers brand diapers like Pampers Pure diapers – they are not compatible with LUMI because there’s no sensor patch to attach it to.

Why would you want to use the LUMI all in one baby monitor system with other diapers besides the ones it’s designed for?

Some parents find the LUMI by Pampers diapers are not high enough quality. Some babies get irritated by the mesh material inside the diaper. Others find that these diapers aren’t as absorbable as some other diapers.

This means one thing:

If you do want to use the LUMI sensor, which is in itself an excellent product, you will need to use the compatible diapers. The fact is these diapers work very well for the majority, but as with any diapers there will always be exceptions and not every parent is going to find them to be the best fit, or the best quality.

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