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How to use a WobL Watch for Potty Training

The WobL Watch is designed for kids to comfortable wear and use as a reminder. It has a wide range of uses: anything where an alarm reminder will assist. When it comes to potty related activity, the WobL watch is more of a daytime tool for kids to use as a potty reminder device.

You can set up the WobL watch to activate the alarm at set intervals: for example, every two hours.

Generally this watch won’t be used at night time – it is worn on the wrist and doesn’t act as a bedwetting alarm does (which is able to detect moisture).

You will want to turn off the WobL at night time. You can it up so that there’s a window of time that the alarm activates at your programmed intervals – usually this will be from waking time until bed time, or for more specific times during the day like school times.

How loud is the vibration on the WobL watch?

Although the vibration feature is meant to be discrete, vibration will always make some sort of sound (just check your phone’s vibration feature) obviously because sound is vibration. Anyway, physics aside, in a quiet room during the night the vibration of the WobL watch will be heard easily. But it’s not likely to be loud enough to wake deep sleepers or even moderate sleepers – and perhaps not even light sleepers.

Does the WobL watch have a back light?

Yes the standard WobL watch has a back light so the display can easily be seen. However the Potty Monkey Watch doesn’t have a back light. The eyes on the watch light up with bright green LED lights, but this is not part of the display screen on that watch.

Is the WobL watch waterproof?

No, you should not put the watch in water. It’s ok if some water splashes on the watch, such as from hand washing, but it should never be immersed in water. Make sure your child takes the WobL watch off before swimming or bathing.

If your young child needs a potty reminder, especially at school if accidents have been happening, it needs to be done in a way to avoid embarassment.

There are some other potty alarm watches that are very obvious what they’re intended to be used for; most kids even as young as 6 will find any device that is clearly made for potty related use to be immensely embarassing at school. As a result, they just won’t use it and the accidents will continue.

WobL also make the comic looking Potty Monkey Watch which is definitely appealing for kids with the way it looks, but it will attract more attention than the original WobL watch.

What type of battery does the WobL watch use?

You need a CR2032 watch battery and it will usually last anywhere from two to four months depending on how often the watch is used and how it’s set up. If set to both vibrate and sound alarm multiple times each day, the battery will deplete quicker than if you just set it to alarm sound only as the vibrate feature requires more battery power.