Deep Sleep Pillow Spray is very easy and fast to use, so you can benefit from its ability to relax, soothe, and make sleep easier and better.

Every night all you need to do is this:

  • Spray some Deep Sleep Pillow Spray on to your pillow
  • Spray some Deep Sleep Pillow Spray on to your bed sheets and linen

This should be done just before you go to bed so you can take in the maximum effects.

If you notice that you feel more refreshed and rested the next morning, you can be sure it has worked.

The goal of this spray is to make it easier for you to fall asleep. It reduces anxiety and promotes relaxation.

Overthinking and stress while trying to fall asleep is a major problem for so many of us. It can and does lead to poor sleep quality, not enough sleep, and difficulty concentrating the next day.

It’s the ingredients in this gentle spray that combine to create a calming effect. They are:

  • Lavender
  • Camomile
  • Vertivert

Is Deep Sleep Pillow Spray safe for pets?

The spray should not be used on pet bedding. If your dog or cat sleeps in your bed, consult your veterinarian about the ingredients in this product so they can advise if there will be any risk to your pet.

How long does a bottle of Deep Sleep Pillow Spray last?

If you use a moderate amount every single night you can expect each bottle to last two to three months. There’s no need to spray large amounts on to your bed and linen.

Is Deep Sleep Pillow Spray small enough to travel with?

Yes you should be able to easily take the spray on your travels with it taking up little space in a bag. It will even fit inside your purse.

Does Deep Sleep Pillow Spray help with snoring?

No, the spray won’t help with snoring. Snoring is caused by a completely different problem. This spray is about relaxing your mind and making sleep easier.

Does Deep Sleep Pillow Spray have a strong smell?

When you first spray it on your bedding or pillow you will probably notice a pleasant lavender scent, but this will fade to a light scent very quickly and most people won’t notice any smell.

Is it OK to use Deep Sleep Pillow Spray on silk pillow cases?

Some people worry that spraying anything on a silk pillow case will damage the material, but many people use Deep Sleep Pillow Spray on silk pillow cases without any problems. It will not damage the silk, as there are no harsh chemicals in the spray.

Can children use the Deep Sleep Pillow Spray?

The spray is safe to use on the pillows and bedding of children aged 3 and over. Only one or two sprays is required for kids to see benefits, and many parents note how children affected with anxiety and other conditions see improvement at bedtime through the use of this spray.