Your Bose Sleepbuds are not likely to become dirty, but keeping them clean and in as new condition as possible is great for their longevity and for hygiene. After all, you’re using them in bed.

It might not be the nicest thing to think about, but anything you put on or in your ears is going to be exposed to ear wax. So ear wax is the main reason we want to regularly clean Bose Sleepbuds.

It’s easy to remove ear wax from your Bose Sleepbuds: just a gentle wipe with a dry cloth should have them as good as new. Do this regularly and avoid any build up. The fact is, some people have more waxy ears than others so the frequence of cleaning ear wax residue from your Sleepbuds will depend on you as an individual. Some people might never have to worry about wax on their Sleepbuds (lucky them).

You can remove the rubber on the earbud and wash that part with water (make sure you dry it completely).

The ear bud underneath the rubber can be wiped clean with a cloth or tissue.

Some Sleepbud users have found that sound issues have developed after a few month’s of use. This can include the sound not coming through as clearly as it once did. The recommendation from Bose (including through the troubleshooting feature in the app) to address this issue, before trying anything else, is to clean your Sleepbuds. You want to be sure there’s no debris blocking the crystal clear sound getting to your ears.

Don’t wait until you start having sound problems with your Bose Sleepbuds.

Keep them cleaned on a regular basis to maintain them in their best possible condition for the long term.