At risk of focusing on another controversial area, regardless of what many people may or may not think about homeopathy – the fact remains that millions of people seek out and use homeopathic remedies for all manner of health conditions. Nocturnal enuresis is no exception.

What I wanted to find out was simple: is anyone seeing success or at least improvement in bedwetting when using any homeopathic treatments?

Important disclaimer: See your doctor before using any natural treatment on your child – this article is not a replacement for medical advice nor makes any medical recommendations.

Adults that are suffering with nocturnal enuresis often turn first to natural treatments in an attempt to reduce the occurrence of bedwetting. It’s vital to rule out any potential medical conditions first, before deciding which treatment path you plan to go down.

There are over 8000 known homeopathic remedies in use around the world today. This substantial number includes many well known formulas, as well as many that are rather obscure and little known. I’ve researched the homeopathic options that are most often considered for use by people with nocturnal enuresis and urinary incontinence.

Causticum for Bedwetting

Causticum is made from a base of potassium hydroxide (i.e. caustic potash) which is used in all manner of applications as a base due to its ability to neutralize acid. Causticum itself is a more processed product that comes from combining freshly slaked lime and sulphate of potash in distilled water where it is diluted to a suitable strength.
Boiron USA makes a dissolvable pellet Causticum product that they specifically state is focused on bedwetting and bladder incontinence. Compared with a lot of other homeopathic remedies out there, which often list enuresis or incontinence as one of sometimes dozens of uses of a particular product, causticum is quite specific in the way many in the industry market it as a particular bladder and urinary related remedy.

Kreosotum For Bedwetting

Kreosotum is a type of homeopathy which has been in use since the early 1800s. It can be bought commercially in dissolvable pellet form (clicking this link takes you to Amazon), made by USA based company Boiron. Kreosotum is made from distilling wood tar of certain tree species, particularly Beech which is found in the USA.

Calcarea Carbonica for Bedwetting

Calcarea carbonica is a form of calcium carbonate that comes from an animal source – the shells of oysters – so is not going to everyone’s preference, particularly if you are looking for plant-based options. In homeopathy it’s often used to help with fatigue and weakness, as well as anxiety. And presumably it’s the latter that results in people seeking out this ingredient for enuresis related conditions, as reducing anxiety can only have positive benefits. Boiron, a USA based homeopathy company, also makes calcarea carbonica in dissolvable pellet form.