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The Best Cooling Pillow for Side Sleepers

Are you side sleeper? Is your child a side sleeper?

Did you know there are pillows especially designed for people who sleep mostly on their side, and other pillows designed for people who mostly sleep on their back.

A regular standard pillow can make sleeping uncomfortable and even painful for side sleepers. Neck stiffness, shoulder pain and waking up with a headache are common problems.

Are you also a hot sleeper? Waking up hot (or simply failing to fall asleep altogether) can destroy your quality of sleep. Cooling pillows make use of specialized materials to promote airflow and cooling around your head all night long.

A cooling pillow for side sleepers is the ultimate choice for you if you want the most specific and customized pillow solution. The goal is comfort, luxury, and a good night’s sleep.

A cooling pillow for side sleepers does not have to cost a fortune.

In fact you will find products that are not really differently priced than regular pillows.

This is because the materials used for pillow cooling are more widely available – good news for those of us not wanting to spend a huge amount on a pillow for our kids, and adults of the house.

Bamboo cooling fiber is one of the best materials to look out for when choosing a cooling pillow for side sleepers. It promotes air flow, prevents moisture, and stops your body heat being transfered to the pillow.

That’s the cooling aspect of the pilow.

Then we have the all important support, and how a pillow of this type is specifically suited to adults or kids who sleep mostly or wholly on their side. It means that you have different neck support requirements than someone who mostly sleeps on their back or stomach.

Don’t worry if you’re not 100% a side sleeper. If you think there are times during the night where you’re sleeping on your back or stomach at times, these pillows are still going to be ultra comfortable and supportive.

What you want in a side sleeping cooling pillow is for the pillow to not flatten as you move around. The pillow should bounce back to its original shape, and it should do this not only for the first few days or weeks, but in the long term.

Yes, that can mean spending more on a higher quality pillow. But most of us will say buying once and buying properly is better than having to regularly replace a poor quality cooling pillow.

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