Is the Chummie Bedwetting Monitor Cord Uncomfortable

Using a bedwetting monitor like the Chummie seems like a good way to help stop bedwetting in your child, but when you look at how it needs to attach whilst your child is sleeping at night you might hesitate.

Will your child be OK with having a cord in place all night or will it cause discomfort? It’s important that sensor stays connected all night, because without it the monitor won’t be able to function.

The very popular and well regarded Chummie Kids Bedwetting Monitor comes with a silicone sensor that needs to attach to your child’s underwear with a short cord to detect urine.

Some parents understandably worry whether this cord is going to be uncomfortable for kids in bed at night. And more so, will a child just try and remove the sensor?

By attaching the sensor to underwear (as it’s meant to be), the child’s pyjamas then go over the top. This should eliminate most of the risk that you’re concerned about when it comes to the cord becoming detached.

There’s no harm if the cord is removed: it just means the sensor won’t work.

For extra peace of mind, you can use Chummie tape to gentle tape the sensor cord along the side of your child’s pull-up or underwear.

Most kids will get used to the cord that attaches to the clip and after a night or two it is not noticed.

Some parents will go with a different strategy – wearing double underwear which will cover up the sensor and keep it in place between the two pairs of underwear.

So there are multiple ways you can increase the comfort of your child wearing the small Chummie sensor with cord attached.

Chummie recommends three different options:

  • Flexitape
  • Adhesive tape
  • Second pair of underwear