Chummie elite vs premium vs pro

There are three types of Chummie Bedwetting Alarm:

  • Elite
  • Premium
  • Pro

What’s the difference between these three Chummie alarms and which should you choose?

The Chummie Elite is the lower cost of the three. It contains all the basics you need without the extra features.

The Chummie Premium and Chummie Pro are the top of the range models with the bells and whistles (not literally, but they do make more sounds).

The Chummie Pro is the only one of three models made for older age groups: 12 years above, including adults.

Both the Elite and Premium are designed for children aged 4 to 12 years.

If your child is a deep sleeper, the Premium is the best option, with the Pro coming in second.

The Chummie Pro is designed with comfort in mind. So it works a little differently than the Premium and Elite.

The sensor on the Premium and Elite is a silicone design that you can attach with provided Flexitape.

The Pro is the only one of the three that uses a slim bed mat with the sensor going under the bed sheet.

As you would expect, the Elite has a few limitations. This includes not having a volume control. You can not change or control the alarm volume on the Chummie Elite. This will be important to some people, but not others. The Elite has just one light alert and 5 selectable alarm tones, compared to 8 different tones on both the Pro and Premium.

In short:

The Chummie Elite is basically a (slightly) lesser featured model than the Chummie Premium. If you want all the bells and whistles of a Chummie bedwetting alarm, the Premium is the one for you. If you’re happy to do without a few settings, like volume and extra alarm tones, the Elite can save you a small amount of money.

If your child is older or you need the alarm for an adult, the Pro is the one to go for.

The Chummie Pro is in its own category in terms of design. So your main choice will be:

Do I want the under sheet bed mat design of the Pro? If so, that’s the one for you.

Or do I want the silicone sensor of the Premium or Elite? Then your choice will be between the fully featured Chummie Premium, and the budget model Chummie Elite.