Chummie Elite Bedwetting Alarm


Chummie Elite Bedwetting Alarm

The Chummie Elite is the model underneath the top of the line the Chummie Premium bedwetting alarm, and it has some differences which are covered in this review.

At the end, we include a summary of the main different points and features between these two models to help make your decision clearer and easier!

Quick Summary

  • Suitable for children aged 4 and above
  • 5 different alarm tones
  • Also vibration and light alerts
  • 4 colors to pick from: Pink, Blue, Green & Orange
  • Flexible and soft silicone sensor is easy to clean and has a wide moisture detection; designed to activate at the first urine drop
  • Very lightweight alarm weighs just 1oz
  • Ready to use fast with one button setup
  • Access to free mobile app with live help and videos
  • 1 year warranty

The Chummie Elite is made for use in children aged 4 years and above.

Kids younger than this are often likely to grow out of bedwetting naturally and the use of bedwetting alarms at a younger age is not recommended or considered effective.

What You Get

  • Chummie Elite enuresis alarm unit
  • Progress chart
  • 10 flexitapes
  • Instruction manual
  • 2x AAA batteries

How It Works

The Elite model from Chummie sits in the middle in terms of the number of alarm tones: 5 in total.

These cycle through so that a child never gets used to hearing the one tone over and over again (leading to a reduced chance of waking).

In addition to the 5 alarm sounds are a vibration mode (which can be used alone or with the sound), and bright lights.

Which, while they aren’t going to wake up your child, can increase the desire for him or her to rise out of bed to deactivate the alarm and go to the bathroom to release the bladder there, and not stay in bed and wake up wet in the morning.


Although it’s certainly possible to use the Chummie Elite alarm with a single pair of underwear, many people find that fitting two pairs of underwear and placing the sensor in between helps to keep it in place more securely.

Alternatively, you could use a pull up on top of the underwear.

As long as the sensor is positioned on the first layer of underwear in the right spot, you’re free to have your child wear another garment on top either to help secure the sensor or to provide protection against moisture (by using a pull up) in the early stages of using the bed-wet alarm.

How long will it take for a child to have dry nights using the Chummie Elite?

There is no black and white answer to this. Bedwetting alarms are not a miracle cure for bedwetting (nor is any other treatment). It takes time and patience, and most importantly: consistency in using the alarm every night.

That means you need to have your child on board and feeling positive about the process.

A child should be having consistently dry nights, every night for at least a couple of weeks, before you consider stopping use of the alarm.

Many people who see the best success note that they saw positive results ranging anywhere from just a week or two in, right up to several months.

The families who committed to using the Chummie Elite for as long as necessary (in other words, until regular dry nights were happening), are the ones who reap the benefits of a system that is designed to train a child to naturally wake up when they have an urge to urinate.

Although you don’t need it to use the bedwetting alarm, Chummie also gives you access to a free mobile app that gives you quick access to their support team (who they call “bedwetting specialists). The app also contains instructional and tips videos, general tips for bedwetting and other help materials.

If you have some extra time, the app should help you get the most out of the Chummie Elite alarm.

The Chummie comes with a sensor that is designed to detect moisture at the first drop of urine. Obviously this is vital if you are to prevent a wet bed, and a delay of a few seconds can mean all the difference.

Chummie has a flexible silicon sensor which is quite different to sensor’s seen on other alarm brands. The urine detection area is above average, and because the sensor is flexible, it doesn’t cause discomfort in bed when a child is using it.

Importantly, it’s easy to clean with a rinse of water and this is something that should be done regularly because a sensor that isn’t in top condition is a leading cause of false alarms and malfunction in any bedwetting alarm.

Chummie Elite alarm for bedwetting for kids
The Chummie Elite alarm unit is small and clips to the pyjama top. Alternatively, you can attach it to your child’s arm using the optional armband accessory.

As with other Chummie enuresis alarms, you can choose to use the alarm as it comes in the box, or invest a small amount in the , which holds the alarm unit in a soft pouch that you attach to your child’s arm.

This just prevents it from moving around during the night, coming out of place, and puts it in a position where the vibration alert in particular can be felt better.

Without the armband, the alarm unit just attaches to your child’s PJ’s shirt with a clasp. Restless sleepers can find that it detaches during the night (which is what the armband is designed to avoid happening).

The armband is certainly not a necessity though, but something to keep in mind if you run into any issues with the alarm staying in place when clipped to the shirt.


  • Very small and light: weighs just 1oz and is smaller than a credit card.
  • 3 alert settings: Sound only, Vibration only (discreet mode), and Sound + Vibration. There’s just one button to quickly set the alarm to any of these options.
  • Lower cost option than the Chummie Premium (but less features)
  • Sensor is very easy to clean and keep in prime working condition


  • Alarm can come unclipped on restless sleepers. Purchasing the optional armband, which secures the alarm, can help with this issue.
  • Missing some useful benefits and options that the Chummie Premium has.
Chummie Elite bedwetting alarm - blue
The Chummie Elite comes in 4 colors: blue, green, pink and orange

What’s the difference between the Chummie Elite and Chummie Premium?

You might have narrowed down your choice of night time bedwetting alarm to either the Chummie Premium or Elite. But besides the price difference, what separates these two alarms? Is the Premium worth the extra money?

Let’s look at all the differences between these two models:

Chummie Elite Chummie Premium
Alarm Tones: 5 8
Volume Levels: 1 2
Lights: 2 small lights 2 bright lights
Supplied Flexitapes: 10 60
Extras: 1 page progress chart Progress diary book
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Bedwetting alarms are made to be used for as long as you need until your child is trained to wake up immediately and naturally, when they have an urge to go to the bathroom.

This is a gradual process, but one that an alarm like the Chummie Elite provides the ability to do at a low price.

If you are after a basic, affordable bedwetting alarm then the Elite model from Chummie ticks all the boxes.

If however, you can stretch the budget just a little more, the Chummie Premium comes with additional features and benefits that can make a difference for kids who are particularly deep sleepers or who have not had success with other enuresis alarms.

The 1 year warranty and customer support provide the peace of mind that you’ll be able to contact the company if you have any problems, and the mobile app makes this very convenient to do if you need to.

Go to Amazon to see more about the Chummie Elite or the Chummie Premium bedwetting alarms.