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Comprehensive guides about specific topics relating to bedwetting. Fully researched and regularly updated with the latest information.

Best Bedwetting Alarms For Kids in 2018

Every child is unique, and every person’s needs will differ. The below detailed comparison of the top current bedwetting products are a result of many hours of research that we have done, to save you time. We point out the features of each product, and summarize what people have liked, and not liked, about each one. This will help you to make a balanced and informed decision.
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We would love to hear about your experiences no matter which one you try so do remember to come back and leave a comment, and we wish you and your child the very best of success!

What is a bedwetting alarm and how do they work?
Bedwetting alarms are small and inexpensive devices that work by detecting wetness when a child is in bed. They attach to either the bedding or your child’s clothing and work by way of a moisture sensing pad which literally sounds of an alarm when dampness is detected. Read More »Best Bedwetting Alarms For Kids in 2018

Best Overnight Underwear & Bedtime Pants For Boys – Reviews, Comparison & Guide

Even if you have recently started introducing your son to a bedwetting alarm, wetness can still happen in the bed until he is in a regular pattern of being able to get up during the night to go to the toilet to urinate.

And there’s no doubt that neither you nor your child enjoy waking up to wet sheets and pyjamas, that’s for sure!

It can ruin your child’s self esteem, cause intense embarrassment, and provide a major setback to stopping the bedwetting problem. Read More »Best Overnight Underwear & Bedtime Pants For Boys – Reviews, Comparison & Guide