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essential oils for bedwetting

Essential Oils for Bedwetting

Can essential oils help with bedwetting?

Essential oils have been used for eons by people in methods such as aromatherapy and massage.

These people believe they have a beneficial effect on certain health conditions, or just for general health maintenance. But not without controversy. While some people swear by them, others say that essential oils have no scientifically proven health benefits. Read More »Essential Oils for Bedwetting

Nasal Sprays For Bedwetting – Do They Work?

This article is not a replacement for medical advice. See your doctor for specific questions and advice about medications related to bedwetting.

You might have tried and found no success with some of the more common forms of bedwetting treatment – so you’re looking into whether a nose spray for bedwetting can really help or have any positive effect on enuresis?Read More »Nasal Sprays For Bedwetting – Do They Work?

Tips For Camps and Sleepovers For Bedwetting Children

School camps and sleepovers at friend’s houses, or even just spending a few nights with the grandparents, are meant to be fun, fun, fun – but for children who regularly or even occasionally wet the bed, it can bring about intense anxiety and even lead them to want to avoid participating at all.

The thought of having an embarrassing accident in full sight of their friends can bring about deep feelings of stress and worry and this can result in a child experiencing negative social confidence.

So how can a child be sent off happily to overnight camps or sleepovers without worrying about bedwetting? Read More »Tips For Camps and Sleepovers For Bedwetting Children

Stop bed wetting after drinking alcohol

How To Stop Bedwetting After Drinking Alcohol – Drunk Bedwetting Solutions

Wetting the bed after you’ve had a few drinks is a problem no one wants to experience.

Although the majority of people will outgrow the problem of bedwetting in childhood, for a small percentage of adults it continues to be an embarrassing issue. For many of these adults, bedwetting might occur after drinking alcohol.

But is alcohol actually a cause of bedwetting?

Although alcohol itself is not a cause of what is known as Nocturnal Enuresis (wetting the bed at night), excessive intake of any fluids at night and the resulting full bladder obviously puts people who have trouble controlling their bladder during sleep at a higher risk of wetting the bed. Read More »How To Stop Bedwetting After Drinking Alcohol – Drunk Bedwetting Solutions

Young boy having a drink

At What Age Do Boys Stop Wetting The Bed?

Most kids will grow out of wetting the bed around the time they reach school age of around 5 years old.

But up to 1 in every 5 kids aged five still wet the bed, while this rate drops to around 5% of kids wetting the bed by age 10. Skipping to kids once they reach the age of 15, and the average rate of bedwetting sits at around 1%.

This means that the age that boys stop wetting the bed, in the majority of cases, is going to be around the time they start school. Read More »At What Age Do Boys Stop Wetting The Bed?

Two boys

3 Common Causes of Bedwetting in 11 Year Olds

An 11 year old child who is still wetting the bed is in the minority, but it by no means indicates that there is anything seriously wrong.

Once medical causes have been ruled out as a cause of bedwetting in a child of around eleven years of age, other possible reasons can be considered and addressed.

Two boys

In many cases, there may be an obvious trigger or underlying reason for the child still wetting his bed at this age. At other times, it could be something that runs in the family. That doesn’t mean it’s untreatable; it just means you will need to look into the various training techniques available until you find something that works for your child. Read More »3 Common Causes of Bedwetting in 11 Year Olds

Nocturnal Enuresis in Elderly People – Stopping Bedwetting in Older Adults

Nocturnal enuresis in the elderly if often a greatly taboo subject, but one that causes significant distress in the sufferer which can often extend to his or her partner or family who may be acting as a carer. This problem can be more complicated than the generally simple bedwetting seen in young children.

In the elderly, wetting the bed or lacking control of urine can be caused by a number of conditions centering around urinary incontinence. Read More »Nocturnal Enuresis in Elderly People – Stopping Bedwetting in Older Adults

Bedwetting Medicine for Children

If you have not seen results with the home remedies you have tried in an attempt to stop your child’s bedwetting, and if you are concerned they are not growing out of it as they get older, you might be considering taking the next step by asking a doctor about bedwetting medicine for kids.

Prescriping medication for a bedwetting problem in children is generally a last resort for a doctor, unless an underlying physical problem has been diagnosed. Read More »Bedwetting Medicine for Children

ADHD and Bedwetting – Is There A Link?

Bedwetting and ADHD are two common conditions that can affect young people.

Statistics show that children who suffer from ADHD or ADD have a higher rate of enuresis (bedwetting). Most children with a history of bedwetting will no longer experience the problem by the time they are 18 years old, those who also have ADHD have a higher rate of enuresis after they are 18.

What is the relationship between these two conditions? Read More »ADHD and Bedwetting – Is There A Link?

What Causes Grown Men To Wet The Bed? And How To Stop It

Nocturnal incontinence in men is more common than you think.

There is probably not more of an embarrassing problem for a grown man to deal with than a bedwetting problem.

Your self esteem can take a huge hit, and relationships and going away on vacation can seem out of the question if you’re an adult male who occasionally, or (more rarely) regularly wets the bed.

Some adults have a problem with bedwetting after drinking alcohol. But for other men, it’s something that seems to happen without any trigger at all. Read More »What Causes Grown Men To Wet The Bed? And How To Stop It

Can Sleep Apnea Really Cause Bedwetting?

There is a known link between sleep apnea and bedwetting.

While not every person with sleep apnea will wet the bed, and not every person who wets the bed will have sleep apnea, a relationship has been found between the two conditions which had led experts to be confident that a sleep apnea problem can directly influence bedwetting.

A person who has sleep apnea suffers from difficulty in breathing whilst asleep.

This leads to disrupted sleep patterns as well as a shifting of focus for the brain. Read More »Can Sleep Apnea Really Cause Bedwetting?