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Tips For Camps and Sleepovers For Bedwetting Children

School camps and sleepovers at friend’s houses, or even just spending a few nights with the grandparents, are meant to be fun, fun, fun – but for children who regularly or even occasionally wet the bed, it can bring about intense anxiety and even lead them to want to avoid participating at all.

The thought of having an embarrassing accident in full sight of their friends can bring about deep feelings of stress and worry and this can result in a child experiencing negative social confidence.

So how can a child be sent off happily to overnight camps or sleepovers without worrying about bedwetting?

  • If it’s a school or other type of organized camp: let the organizers know about your child’s condition. Professionally run camps will be well aware and prepared for enuresis, and are likely to have dealt with it many times before.
  • Speak with your doctor about any short-term medication that might help – for example DDAVP or desmopressin. Short term medication therapy can help control the condition for this temporary period of time; but only your child’s doctor will be able to advise if it’s a suitable solution.
  • If its a sleep over at a friend’s house, take the imperative to have a private conversation with the supervising parents so they can ensure they take extra measures to make your child feel comfortable, without bringing unwanted attention on him or her or making a fuss. If your child knows a responsible adult is aware, he/she is likely to feel more comfortable that they can confide in someone if they need to.

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