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Do Bose Sleepbuds Play Music?

The latest and greatest Bose Sleepbuds II do not play music. They don’t play podcasts either.

Bose Sleepbuds are all about sleep. Turn off the music and instead trust the soothing sound of these sleepbuds which have been carefully designed to be laser targeted to their purpose (sleep), and not distractions (music and podcasts).

Bose Sleepbuds give you two types of sounds: relaxing sounds, and noise masking sounds.

The sounds come from the Bose Sleep app. These are the only sounds that can be played on the Sleepbuds. There are currently about 50 sounds to choose from. There’s also an optional personal alarm.

Bose wanted to keep these buds purely for sleeping. There are plenty of other excellent Bose headphones for listening to music.