Yes, Bose Sleepbuds can block out snoring noise.

Does your partner snore loudly all night? Snoring is a major cause of relationship friction.

When the snorer is getting a solid night’s sleep, oblivious to the other person’s suffering (even if you’re not even in the same room), it causes all sorts of problems during the day. Being sleep deprived is a recipe for bad health.

If you get the very popular Bose Sleepbuds, will they block out the noise of someone else’s snoring?

The snorer themselves should also be looking into ways to reduce and stop the snoring. But this is out of your control, and you can only try to control things from your own perspective. For snore-victims this means blocking the noise of snoring as much as possible.

The good news is that Bose Sleepbuds can block out the loud noise of snoring.

These sleepbuds are very effective at blocking all types of noise from the environment while you’re trying to sleep.

It is relationship and life changing to be able to continue sleeping in the same room, same level, and even the same house as your loudly snoring spouse, room mate, family member or anyone else who is causing havoc to your sleep with their incessant snoring.

It’s not only snoring noise that Bose Sleepbuds can block out. They will stop you hearing your dog during the night, or your kids getting up to use the bathroom (or the fridge) and opening and closing doors.

If you’ve got late night TV watchers, or typers at the computer, Bose Sleepbuds can block out those sounds as well. Loud neighbors? There’s nothing worse. The Sleepbuds will be effective at stopping you from hearing just about any sound while you’re trying to sleep.

Which sound should you use on your Bose Sleepbuds to block out snoring?

Everyone will have a different preference and what works for you, might not be the best option for someone else.

But one of the best sounds to try first is the warm static masking sound. This is at a frequency that will be able to block most snoring right out so you won’t even know that snorer is there.

If the static sounds aren’t your cup of tea, give the tree rustling setting a go. Many people do find it to be more relaxing and it’s more than capable of eliminating snoring noise.

Even if you can’t block out 100% of the snoring racket near you with Bose Sleepbuds, you should be experiencing a significant reduction in the intensity of the sound – enough to allow you to fall asleep and stay asleep.

Last, but not least, encourage the snorer in your life to seek medical evaluation and take actions where possible to reduce and eliminate snoring.

Until then – enjoy your peaceful snoring-muted nights with Bose Sleepbuds.