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Best Bedwetting Alarms For Kids in 2018

Every child is unique, and every person’s needs will differ. The below detailed comparison of the top current bedwetting products are a result of many hours of research that we have done, to save you time. We point out the features of each product, and summarize what people have liked, and not liked, about each one. This will help you to make a balanced and informed decision.
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We would love to hear about your experiences no matter which one you try so do remember to come back and leave a comment, and we wish you and your child the very best of success!

What is a bedwetting alarm and how do they work?
Bedwetting alarms are small and inexpensive devices that work by detecting wetness when a child is in bed. They attach to either the bedding or your child’s clothing and work by way of a moisture sensing pad which literally sounds of an alarm when dampness is detected.

The best alarms will be activated right at the moment when a child starts urinating. The idea is to assist a child to suddenly wake up, stop urinating immediately, and ideally get up and go to the toilet in order to empty their bladder.

What about heavy sleeping children?
Many children who are heavy sleepers suffer from bedwetting. Their natural tendency to not be woken easily, either by sound or other means, results in heavy sleepers being more likely to urinate through the night and not wake when it’s happening. Some bedwetting alarms may also not be effective for kids who sleep heavily, and in these cases it can be up to a parent to listen out for the alarm during the night so that you can wake up your child. While this might seem a little daunting at first, it should become easier over time as your child starts to adapt (to?)….

How long will it take to stop bedwetting when using a moisture alarm?
Bedwetting alarms are not an overnight cure for bedwetting (neither is any other method). So when you choose an alarm to use, go into it with the knowledge that it is something that will need some time and commitment, but that with enough time and consistent use, has the potential to completely halt the bedwetting behavior in your child. They key is not to give up and, of course, to select an alarm that is known to be of high quality.

While every child presents a different situation, on average it can take around two weeks at a minimum until you will start seeing some response from using a moisture alarm. After this time, steady and noticeable progress should start being made and you can expect to it to take up to 4 months until your child is having regular dry nights. Naturally, this will depend upon the severity of your child’s bedwetting problem and whether it is something that happens every night, or only occasionally. In any case, the key to success is to stick with using the bedwetting alarm and not to give up before your child has had enough time to adapt.

Benefits of Bedwetting Alarms

  • No risk of side effects
  • Low risk of the problem recurring later once it has stopped
  • Safe and healthy long term solution
  • Low cost

Tips for Buying an Enuresis Alarm

You want to stop bedwetting fast – that means you’ll need a bedwetting alarm that works. Choosing the wrong alarm means wasted time, wasted money and having to put up with more wet nights for longer.

Using an enuresis alarm is an important part in the process of eliminating the problem of wetting the bed, also called nocturnal enuresis, in children. They can also be used by teenagers and adults who are struggling with an embarassing bedwetting problem.

Deciding on the best enuresis alarm for your needs is the first step to getting on the road to permanently dry nights, increased confidence, and the end of the common yet distressing issue of bedwetting. Our comprehensive guide covers the best alarms on the market right now in 2018, and is regularly updated to ensure that we keep you informed of the top enuresis alarms to consider.

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