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Watch Alarms for Enuresis & Incontinence – VibraLITE, Malem, WobL Watch

Watch alarms can be a powerful tool in your kit as you battle bedwetting – whether it’s you as an adult suffering with wetting the bed, or if it’s your child going through a bedwetting stage.

These watches are normally not made just for bedwetting management: they can be used for a whole range of other purposes.

This is a positive point, because it’s a device that you’re likely to find a use for long after the bedwetting problem has gone. But their most valued use is for people who have a specific health need that a discreet, personal reminder device can assist with.

What is a Bedwetting Watch Alarm?

It’s a watch that looks like any other watch, so a child or teen (and even adults) can wear it anywhere without the worry about unwanted attention or questions. The most important ways that an alarm watch can help you or your child include:

  • Potty training of toddlers
  • Bathroom reminder: trains the user to become aware of when they need to go
  • Homework reminder! Set a dedicated daily time for your child to do homework
  • Acting as a reminder for medications
  • Watches with a vibration feature are ideal for hearing impaired people
  • Being used as a normal watch to tell the time – or learn to tell the time!

Which is the best alarm watch for bedwetting?

Our pick is the VibraLITE Mini.
You can read a full review of this watch further down in this guide.
We also compare it to other watches so you can easily see the differences – making it easier and faster to pick the one that has the features you need.

VibraLITE Mini 12 Alarm Vibrating Watch

Quick Overview:

  • Available in multiple fun designs and colors to suit boys and girls
  • Fits wrist sizes from: 5 – 7 3/8″
  • Program up to 12 alarm alerts each day
  • Comes with a 1 year warranty

Malem Vibro-Watch

Malem is a big brand in the bedwetting product world, as makers of a popular bedwetting alarm. They also have avialable the Vibro-Watch.


  • Priced at the high end

There’s no denying it: this is not a low cost watch alarm. You pay for the brand name, and Malem has a good reputation for creating quality products for enuresis. If budget is no concern, the Vibro-Watch is certainly worthy of your consideration.

WobL Vibrating Reminder Watch

The WobL isn’t marketed specifically as a watch made exclusively for enuresis. Instead, this is a general alarm reminder watch that can be used for a range of purposes (as can virtually all the watches I’ve included in this reviews guide).

It is however marketed as the “world’s smallest vibrating alarm reminder watch”.

Despite that, the most common and best use for the WobL is the way that makes it highly valuable for a child as a toileting reminder. Whether that be to help with bedwetting, daytime wetting, or for potty training purposes at home.

It’s low key, fun to wear, and easy to use. We know that kids aren’t going to want to use something that might embarass them, or cause them to stand out from the crowd. WobL has made the design of the watch a priority, and the result is a funky design that’s as cool as any regular watch.

  • Wrist size: 4″ to 8″
  • Available in 4 colors
  • 8 different alarm sounds
  • Use only vibration, only alarm sound: or both
  • The alarm can be set at intervals as short as 15 minutes
  • Water resistant version available
  • Lock feature prevents accidental (or intentional) disabling of alarms

So there are 2 designs of the WobL: a regular watch, and a water resistant watch. Each design comes in 4 different colors.

It’s important to note that water resistant does not mean waterproof – the water resistant version of the WobL can survive being splashed, but it’s not designed for immersing in water – so there’s no swimming or bathing with these watches on.

The size of the wrist band and the watch itself makes it suited for young kids who are old enough to understand the purpose of the watch – up to teens and even small sized adults. The battery is rated to last up to 4 months with regular use, although heavy usage can see that drop to 2 months.

The WobL watch has proven to be an effective potty training watch, or for those kids who forget about going to the bathroom. A useful strategy that a lot of parents try is to set the alarm (or vibrate only function for discretion) every 2-3 hours, as a reminder to visit the toilet. This can go a long way to preventing any accidents.

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  1. Hello. We are trying to find a discreet but powerful vibrating watch. Can anyone advise on the duration and power of the vibrate alarm setting that will successfully wake a child from deep sleep. We have had some success with a moisture alarm however he will sometimes unclip it/need something for a school trip. We purchased a typical mainstream watch not specified here but only had a 10sec alarm which was was more a tickle then a vibrate

    Thank you

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