Buying a bedwetting alarm can be a big decision. Not only are you making a commitment for your child (and your whole family, in effect) to use it for up to three months (sometimes longer), but you’re outlaying money on a device that you are not sure will make any difference to your child’s bedwetting problems.

Whether it’s for a young child, a teenager, and in some cases for an adult who is battling enuresis, bedwetting alarms have allowed families to eliminate the distress and embarassment of bedwetting for what is – in the long run – a modest investment.

We have a lot of choices when it comes to these alarms, and they can be quite from each other in terms of both design and features. Many also come with additional material in the form of instructional videos, progress charts, support and more. All of this is going to be reflected in the price of a bedwetting alarm.

Now once you really start looking at the different alarm products, you might notice this:

There are now a bunch of generic alarms being sold in online marketplaces. Amazon has a number of these listings. These are very low priced enuresis alarms, often below $30. While I won’t sit here and say they don’t work, or they won’t last long – you can expect the quality to be questionable compared to the well known brands and products.

There’s certainly nothing wrong with giving one of the generic alarms a go. It’s a very small financial investment and it can get your foot in the door of gaining some experience in how you might encourage your child to use a bedwetting alarm without committing to a larger financial investment.

The cheapest bedwetting alarms won’t come with any customized training, videos or other additional instructional or progress tracking material. They might include some generic material which might or might not be helpful. With generics that have come direct from China, poor English in instructions and other materials will likely hamper your use of the alarm and subsequent progress and results.

The cheapest bedwetting alarms can be found for $30. Don’t expect a feature packed product, or any custom materials to help with training and motivation though. In some cases, an alarm like this can be enough.

At the high end we have full bedwetting alarm systems complete with extensive (usually) online training and progress material, videos, interactive programs and so on. The alarm device is one part of the whole bedwetting treatment system. The top of the line products can sit at the $250-$300 mark.

In the middle range there’s a good number of quality bedwetting alarms around $100-$200 from well known brands.