When you buy Bose Sleepbuds to block out noise and help you fall asleep faster, and stay asleep, the sounds you can choose from to have delivered through the Sleepbuds to your ears come from the Bose Sleep app.

The Sleep app is free, and you connect your Sleepbuds to it via bluetooth through your smartphone or tablet.

The sounds in the app are all free to use.

But these are the only sounds you can listen to through the Sleepbuds. These are not general earbuds that you can listen to music, podcasts or anything else with. That’s not Bose Sleepbuds are designed for.

The sounds in the sleep app are also carefully designed to facilitate relaxation and most importantly: blocking out external sounds like snoring, neighbors, traffic noise and anything else that keeps you awake at night.

If you want to listen to music at night as you go to sleep, you’ll need regular headphones.

If you want to block out noise with specifically designed sounds, the Bose Sleep app with its free library of sounds that you connect to your Bose Sleepbuds provides a choice of soundscapes to hep you fall asleep faster and get a better night’s sleep so you can wake feeling refreshed and energized.